Free hosting site with low cost charge

free hosting site with dependable hosting

Creating website is easy and everyone can create his/her own website in just a minute ,but the question is :How is your website is being host and be on Google’s search front page?

To get a high quality website,you need a good web hosting, in this article,am going to show you how to create and get a good quality website with free hosting which is the best choice for new bloggers in less than $50 in a year plan

I know it sound good for the beginners ,but note that,There are many web hosting site,and you should know the right choice for your business . if you are relly looking for a free hosting site to creat your business and blogging site ,then you are in.

Ovationhall is number one free web hosting site with high internet speed that I am highly recommending for you.

They offer free SSL certificate,free SSD drive and unlimited desk space for every site.sign up here

One interesting thing about ovationhall is their flexible payment method

If you are living in a country like Ghana you don’t need credit card to make payment.

They accept two way of payment either mobile money or credit card.

Ovationhall work 24/7 and there is no way delaying your request.

They will quide you to create and customize your site to look more beautiful and attractive to your visitors.

also,you don’t need any special skill to get your website live, ovationhall works about 90% of your website .

ovationhall also offer affiliate program for their customer’s to make extra money with their referral program .

You can make good money for referring your friends.

Ovationhall pay by clicks and you can share your referral link with friends on social media or WhatsApp.


the more referral clicks you get , the more your revenue rise ,and you can withdraw when minimum balance reaches $10

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