Grand p Eudoxie yao biography net worth 2021

Grand p Eudoxie yao :the world wondering how,when and where this beautiful Eudoxie yao got her this unbelievable curves from as she became the African woman with the heaviest hips and backside in the world.

The size and the shape of Eudoxie yao a partner of the world smallest man Grand p is really surprising which that got everybody talking about . comparing her physical appearance to ghana’s Moesha boduong ,you could see that Eudoxie yao has more than 6 times of moesha’s own

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her current post on Instagram proves that she is the curviest woman in this world and
these pictures are going to make your day awesome if i guess .now let’s know something little about her and who Eudoxie yao really is.

She was born as Eudoxie Yao popularly know as “Africa Kim Kardashian she is ivorian model , musician and social media influencer who became popular by her gifted natural body and shape.

Before she became popular, Eudoxie Yao used stop and cause traffic on anytime she step out from the house to do shopping in her community in Ivory coast .

Grand p who is Also ivorian and musician and the smallest man in the world is the proudly husband of Eudoxie yao

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she has more than one million followers on her various social media platforms .

Many thoughts she had a body enlargement but according to her ,it is natural and a gift from God.

Look at the following pictures if it’s natural or not and your comments are Wellcome

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