How to create mobile apps and make money?!

I have a useful answers to your question.

In this article,am going to show you four steps that can help you start making money with free mobile apps.

1 google play console account

2 Your apps

3 Ads network

4 Advertising

Am going to briefly explain these four steps for you to understand it well.


before you can make money with free apps,you need to publish your apps on Google play store or App store (IOS) to make it available for everyone in the world,

why this? The reason is that ,you can not monetize free mobile apps which is not live on the internet.

Before that Google play charges $25 one time payment for play console account and for this account you can publish more than one billion apps free with no extra charges.

You may also think to publish your apps on app store but the truth is that,as Google play charges $25 one time payment Apple store charges $99 yearly which is very high as compare to Google play and it Will be difficult for you as a beginner.

So I would like to recommend google play store for you to start publishing your apps .do you that andriod user are many than the iOS users so if u choose Google it will be great for you to earn fast and easy.

Secondly ,

After creating your Google play console ://www.googleplayconsole account,you are now going to look for website who offer free mobile app builder.there are many to mention but ,

I want to show you two most powerful app builder website you should start looking for them now. 1

and 2http://Appcretor24 these websites are the most totally free mobile app builders.

more over

After you have publish your apps on Google play or app store ,you are now going to look for advertising company to show ads in your app

Google admob is the greatest ads since and it pays high if you are ready to start,you can sign up here


This is the last one and I considered it as bonuse

If you want to get 1million downloads within 6 months, then you to advertise your apps with is not compulsory to advertise your apps but if you want to earn millions dollors a month then you can choose to advertise with Facebook audience network.

good luck

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