How to cure gonorrhea with coconut fibre at home

How to gonorrhea

Cure your gonorrhea with coconut fibre or husk.some of the plants and the trees which has surrendered us has a unique and advantages to human life but because of our uneducated about the plants and the trees ,we are not able to use them properly to cure or heal ourselves interms of sickness or illness.

The most important thing about this post is to show how to commonly use coconut husk to cure gonorrhea among men and women,we all know gonorrhea is one of the common transmitted diseases in our various communities.

People spend hundreds of cash on this illness but which can be treated simply at homes.if your reading this post please take note

Coconut husk may be considered trash after one has finished drinking the coconut water and eating the inner part. To both sellers and buyers, it is just a complete waste and hence needs to be dumped after enjoyed

In Ghana here coconut sellers face a lot of challenges in depositing the husk after they are done making their market with the inner content alone. As a result, some just dump them into any place they may found their selves at night.

However, these coconut fibre are capable of curing many diseases that we never imagined. On the simple method to cure gonorrhea you need to..

1. Cut the coconut husk into smaller pieces
2. Boil one cup full of water and pour it into the just.
3 Allow it to soak for some 15 minutes
4.And You can now take it row or with honey and it save you from the following diseases
Kidney stone
And All forms of ulcers
It can also inhibit some bad bacterias in your body system .that is all you need to know about how to cure gonorrhea with coconut fibre or husk

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