President John Magufuli great achievement in Tanzania

Achievement of President John Magufuli made Tanzania a middle Income country.all the greatest and the astonishing achievement by the late John Magufuli in Tanzania.

He rejected $10 billion loan from China
And He didn’t go on state trips outside Africa ,He also reduced the cabinet’s size from 30 to 19 at his time in office.

Magufuli banned Government officials from foreign trips & abolished their tax exemptions. He accused UK company, Acacia Mining of illegal mining and ordered them to pay $193 billion for undervaluing Tanzania’s gold exports.

Over 250 containers of theirs were seized at Dares Salaam port. They paid $300 million and gave Tanzania 16% ownership in 3 mines ,Magufuli introduced free education in government schools in 2016. He acquired 6 Air Tanzania planes, expanded Terminal Il of Julius Nyerere International Airport.

He built Tanzania Standard Gauge Railway, Mfugale Flyover, Julius Nyerere Hydropower Station, Ubungo Interchange

He Also built Selander Bridge, Kigongo-
Busisi Bridge, Huduma Bora Za afya, Vituo Bora Za Afya, expanded Port of Dar es Salaam, Dodoma Bus Terminal, an LNG plant, a water project, a wind farm project, Uhuru

Hospital project, a gold refinery plant, and
Magufuli Bus Terminal.
Late President Dr. John Magufuli excelled in infrastructure and financial affairs. He faced numerous accusations of human rights abuses and was accused of repressing the opposition. He also banned explicit images or videos online in Tanzania.

Late PresidentJohn magufuli was the true leader in Tanzania and he did his best to save tanzanians economy in 2016.

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