Nigeria lady stole used cond0m inside her womanh⁰⁰d

Nigeria lady stole used cond0m

Nigeria lady stole used cond0m :This video is currently circulating on the internet and various WhatsApp groups.a lady in her twenties cought hiding a cond0m which has been used together with her boyfriend inside her womanhood.

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This lady whose name is yet to be identify was trying to steal the used condom for money rituals and According to the report the lady screatly stole the cond0m a few minutes after the boyfriend removed it

She told the boyfriend that she is going to the washroom to clean up but immediately She left ,it came into the boyfriend mind to displaced it from the bed but he look around and couldn’t find it.

he suspected the girl and followed her to the washroom and saw that she trying to remove something from her womanhood but when she saw the guy is coming, she stopped But the guy called his friends and forced her to remove it.

The video below

Watch it here

It has allerge that these has been going on in Nigeria and every man must be careful on who they take as girlfriend

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