No Mahama no peace NDC supporters Vrs Ghana Police

No Mahama no peace,This year’s election results has put the opposition party NDC an unrest mood of demanding justice over the electoral commission’s cheating.

Thousands of NDC supporters storm the electoral commission’s headquarters to protest over the fake presidential election results.says they are not accepting any untruthful results.

ghana police has clash with them and the atmosphere at scene is something strange the police is using water cannons to disperse the crowd but which seems to be resistant.

A report from the scene now indicate that the supporters are saying there are not going to stop any demonstration in this country until the correct results is out ,and Mahama is chosen.

Ghanians are wondering why this demonstration issue keep rising in the country everyday.

Every member of the national Democratic Congress party is demanding justice and their unrest demonstrations is proving that they may have a strong evidence behind their demonstration.

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