Pamela watara age,info and net worth in 2021

Pamela odame Watara is a celebrated actress and social media personality who has managed to win heart of many followers on her Instagram account within a few years ago. This young video vixen dazzles many fans with her beauty, talent, and character on several social media platforms.

Her fans always can wait to see her features in films and music videos.Pamela Odame Watara was born in June 5, 1996, in Kenya to her Ghanaian mother and a Kenyan father. She lived in Kenya for 15 years before moving to Ghana with her family. Pamela odame is well conversant with the Swahili language, which she perfected during her 15-year childhood.

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She made her first appearance in the film industry after starring in a film titled Rockstar Hospital, which was released in 2019. The movie featured quack doctors who put the lives of their poor clients in danger only for them to survive by whatever means. Since then, she has not featured in any other movie.She is also a vixen on demand for her curved body.

Having appeared in music videos of top Ghanaian musicians has also increased her popularity in and out of the country. However, she has not received any accolades for her work in the film and entertainment industry

According to,her net Worth is somewhere $20,000 in just 2021. Pamela is one of the few female models in Ghana who become rich by their physical appearance

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