The historical meaning of valantine days

Meaning of Valantine days

Meaning of Valantine days

The valentine story is a beautiful one giving a clear example of Christ’s sacrificial and selfless love. It is a story of a devout Catholic Priest, VALENTINIUS and his dedication to the teachings of Christ.

In the third (3rd) century, the oppressive Roman Emperor Claudius II ordered that the young men in his empire were not allowed to marry so they would be in their military service, to enable them win the many wars they were engaged in. All Romans were also ordered to worship their twelve God’s and every 15th February they celebrated a fertility festival where young men were allowed to choose a sexual partner from the young women gathered.

Valentinius encouraged the young men to avoid the heathen worship and rather dedicate themselves to Christ and the sanctity of marriage.

He preached Christ at the threat of death and officiated secret weddings on February 14. Eventually, he was arrested. During His imprisonment he taught the prison commander’s beautiful but blind daughter Julia, Roman history, Arithmetic and about God.

One day spurred by her faith, Valentinius prayed over Julia and she received her sight. On the eve of his execution, Valentinius wrote a last note to Julia urging her to devote her life to God and signed the note “FROM YOUR VALENTINE”. He was killed the next day February 14, 270 AD.

Julia and many others whose lives were touched and brighten by him, remembered him every February 14 by sending notes and gifts to others to celebrate his (Valentine) life of Sacrificial love and service.

The true meaning of Valentine day is for us to remember and show love which is selfless, unconditional and sacrificial. Jesus gave us a new commandment “love one another as I have loved you”. This is exactly what Valentine did.

Let us keep in mind that Valentine’s day is not a license to sin and to engage in immorality. It is a day of love which should be extended to all and sundry especially those who are in most need of your love, service and assistance.


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