Tv3 Dàté rush Aisha shared her big nyash ón Instagram

TV3 Date rush.Aisha,who is one of the ladies currently looking for a partnér on TV3’s ‘Daté Rush’ has continuously discribe to herself as a
nu.dist on the show On most recent occasions,

She started gotting bounch of followers on Instagram after she referred to herself as the nú.díst on the show (# TV3 Daté rush) she has almost 38.6 k followers on Instagram only.

Some Popular bloggers like zionflex has been doing some digging into her background to confirm whether what Aisha has been saying has any truth in it and we can also say she is the nu.dist among many other things.

Going through her new post on her personal
Instagram page, Aisha, who has been part of the last three episodes of Date appears to be a model, as her favorite description is Aisha the nu.dist.

Our WhatsApp group

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Also From what we found on her Instagram page,she has featured in one comedy skit with Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin.
And she has also featured in the music videos of Yaa

Here are the new pics

date Rush

Tv3 Date Rush

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