Video:Donald Trump destroy items in his office

Watch video below

Donald Trump has finally declare himself a loser as the voting is still ongoing .according to him looking at the voting statistics there is no way that he can win the election and he has already defeated .

He made a several comments on Twitter that at the beginning he was leading the voting but he wondering why Joe Biden has overpass him with such great margin.

He accused joe Biden for stealing the vote and said any vote that will come right after the election will not be counted

Just in ,Mr Trump was seen in a viral video angrily destroying items in his office.every intem in the office television, chairs, country flags everything are being destroyed..

The video shows how Mr Trump was very angry for losing the election.since 1992 in United States election history this is the second time a president defeat after his 1st 4 years.

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Trump and his supporters are in the bad mood while Joe Biden supporters are in the mood of jubilation

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