Wankang Ghana Chinese ceramic company

Wankang ghana is a Chinese ceramic company in sekondi-Takroadi western ghana.the company started operating in 2016 under president John Dramani Mahama’s government.

This ceramic company manufacture floor and wall tiles for export in other Africa countries.since 2016 the company has reduced the country’s unemployment rate by almost 1% for employing about 1500 ghanaians.

Wankang has a boarding facilities for workers who travel from far to work,people who come from Kumasi ,sunyani Accra ,B/A ,northern and other places.

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One interesting thing about this company is that,they provide two times meal for the workers morning and afternoon which sounds so good anywhere.

wankang ghana

They work day and night shift basis 2 weeks day and 2 weeks night in every month.

It is said the company always show appriection to the workers in every Christmas by distributing 25kg of rice, and safety Boots for every worker.

Their salary range roughly start from 500 to 900 cedis and it is a casual basis as your salary will depends on the number of days you have worked.

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