Why you should eat tuo zafi everyday

Eat everydayTuo zafi is commonly in zongo as it discribed as zongo food.this delicious dish contains multi vitamins and it is full of nutritions.it prepared by okra,ayoyo,maize floor and others vegetables.

Eat everyday

Eating Tuo Zafi everyday can help boost your immune system as it being prepared by multiple vegetables which contains proteins, vitamins , calcium and of cause carbohydrate.

Also Eating TZ everyday as your daily meal can help reduce pot belly and constipation as it is easy to digest , it can be eating at anytime morning afternoon or at night.but most of people love to eat it at morning and afternoon which is all good to your health.

Preparing this food do not consume any time and everyone can prepare this delicious food at home.All you need is get your ingredients and put them together.

Ayoyo leaves

Salt peter (potassium nitrate

Okro (powdered)





Fish seasoning




Fish (salmon, herrings)

Cassava flour

Corn flour🌽read also Video:Donald Trump destroy items in his officeomgvoice.com

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